Re: [tkined] String length

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:39:58 MET DST

>>>>> Homer Wilson Smith writes:

Homer> Is there any theoretical string length to the snmp get
Homer> command? For example I might want to get ifInOctets.1 through
Homer> 14 all in one line rather than issue 14 separate calls.

There is an internal buffer size restriction. You should not build
packets bigger than 2k. There is also another restriction imposed by
the agent and the network. The sad thing is that it is hard to
negotiate these size restrictions and thus you are usually only
guaranteed to be safe if you use SNMP packets smaller than 484 bytes
(or something in the order to 14xx bytes).

Anyway, getting 14 ifInOctets instances in one request should be no
problem at all. If you can use SNMPv2c, then you get just try an snmp
getbulk operation with max-repetitions set to 14 or so. If you only
have 14 interfaces and you want to retrieve data from all of them,
then you can do an snmp walk ifInOctets (which makes scotty use
getnexts or getbulks depending on which SNMP version your session


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