[tkined] Always a problem with mibtree

From: mounier@pcmail.enac.fr
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 15:02:54 MET DST


I use the last scooty distribution via CVS

I have 2 problems with mibtree ...

1. When I use SNMP Tree Option, I have the message "failed to accept
connection from /usr/local/lib/tkined1.5.0/apps/mibtree"

2. When I use mibtree in 3.0.0 as a standalong application :
- When I "Open Map", I have the message :"Invalid Tnm map file"
- This file is produced by tkined (option "File - Tnm Map ...)
- Ex for one node:
$map configure -expire 3600 -height 0 -name {} -path {} -store {} -tags
{} -tick 60 -width 0
set node1 [$map create node ]
I read tnmMap.c, but I don't understand ...

Thanks for help


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