[tkined] Scotty and tclsvc

From: Jan Terje Johansen (jjohans5@chello.no)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 21:44:59 MET DST

Have anyone been able to use tclsvc (http://www.sensus.org/tcl/) with Scotty under Windows NT?
 I'm trying to load tnm300.dll in a program (foo.tcl), but when I try to start the program as a service using tclsvc it exits with the following error message:

     The description for Event ID (1) is Source (foo.tcl) could not be found.
     It contains the following insertion string(s): Service starting

If I don't load tnm300.dll, the program (foo.tcl) is running as a service, so I know it must have something to do with loading the Scotty package. I am using the same version of Tcl (8.2.0) for both Scotty and tclsvc.

Jan Johansen

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