[tkined] ICMPv6 patch (2000/08/11 version)

From: Jun Kuriyama (kuriyama@imgsrc.co.jp)
Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 11:15:40 MET DST

OK. I made a patch for ICMPv6 capable tnm environment. This patch
should work normally in non-IPv6 environment, too. But I do not have
non-IPv6 environment :-), so I can not test it.

Any comments are welcom about this patch. Thanks!


----- How to play
% scotty
% Tnm::icmp echo www.jp.FreeBSD.org
www.jp.FreeBSD.org 435
% Tnm::icmp echo 3ffe:505:2008:1:2a0:24ff:fe57:e561
3ffe:505:2008:1:2a0:24ff:fe57:e561 529

Jun Kuriyama <kuriyama@imgsrc.co.jp> // IMG SRC, Inc.
             <kuriyama@FreeBSD.org> // FreeBSD Project
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