Re: [tkined] Q:Porting from TRAP-TYPE to NOTIFICATION-TYPE problem

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 17:27:39 MET DST

>>>>> Kim, Sungjin writes:

Kim> I have a problem when I port TRAP-TYPE
Kim> macro,asxSwitchLoginDetected, to NOTIFICATION-TYPE macro. For
Kim> value field, in TRAP-TYPE, it was like ::= 1072. Now it is ::=
Kim> {atmSwitch 0 1072}(based on rfc 1908). The atmSwitch is the
Kim> ENTERPRISE item in the TRAP-TYPE.

Kim> So, if object identifier for atmSwitch is and
Kim> if I try to get mib oid for the TRAP-TYPE mib object, scotty 3.0
Kim> returns But if I try to get mib oid
Kim> for the NOTIFICATION-TYPE mib object, scotty 3.0 complains as

Kim> % mib oid asxSwitchLoginDetected invalid object identifier
Kim> "asxSwitchLoginDetected"

Kim> And, if I try to get mib name using the correct oid, still I got
Kim> some wrong result as :

Kim> % mib name asxSwLinkDown.1072

Kim> The asxSwLinkDown value field is ::= {atmSwitch 0 0}

Kim> Does anybody know what is going on here ? Or if someone knows
Kim> which part I should change in scotty3.0 source code to fix this
Kim> problem, please let me know.

The problem here is that the current MIB parser is not able to handle
{atmSwitch 0 1072} correctly. The usual work around is to define
something like:

    atmSwitchNotifications OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { atmSwitch 0 }

and to use { atmSwitchNotifications 1072 }. I guess you are using
scotty on Win32 and hence you do not see the error messages produced
by the MIB parser.

Note that work is in progress to replace the current MIB parser with
the libsmi parser - which is able to handle this problem just fine.
Once we have libsmi integrated, we will also have a mechanism to catch
the error/warning messages by a Tcl script and to stick them into a
Tcl channel (so that you can see them on Win32 as well).


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