[tkined] Strange Character(s) Inserted in UDP Packet

From: Brock Rycenga (brycenga@wire-less-inc.com)
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 04:58:19 MET DST

I am using Tcl/Tk 8.2.1, running on Windows 2000 and using the latest
Windows version of Scotty. When I try to send binary data, using "udp send",
I get some strange character(s) inserted in the beginning of the datagram.
Why are they there? And how can I get rid of them?

I built a datagram like so... "set packet [binary format "B8B8A3IA*"
00000000 00000010 "BIN" $size $name"
     $size = 55, and $name = gdb_module.bin.
Then transmitted like so... "udp send $porthandle $host $port $packet"

On the receive end I get (after I strip off the IP address and port
information, of course)...

What is up with all the \xffffffc0\xffffff80's???

Thanks, in advance.


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