Re: [tkined] Monitoring ucd-davis snmp variables on linux?

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 21:06:33 MET DST

>>>>> Adam Haeder writes:

Adam> I'm running the latest ucd-snmp (version 4.1.1-2) on multiple
Adam> linux boxes. I would like to have tkined monitor the variables
Adam> that occur under the enterprises.ucdavis section of the snmp
Adam> tree. I have done the following:

Adam> copied the relevant ucd-mib from /usr/share/snmp/mibs to
Adam> /usr/lib/tnm2.1.10/mibs. It's named ucd-snmp.mib added the
Adam> following line to my /usr/lib/tnm2.1.10/library/init.tcl file:
Adam> lappend tnm(mibs) ucd-snmp.mib restarted tkined

This sounds good.

Adam> The mib is getting loaded, because I can go to the SNMP browser
Adam> and see it as an option. I can also browse through the different
Adam> variables listed. However, when I try to view any of the
Adam> variables from the MIB Browser, it attempts to connect to
Adam> localhost ( which fails, since I'm not running snmpd
Adam> on my monitoring machine. No matter what host icon I have
Adam> selected in the tkined map, it always attempts to access
Adam> localhost.

Sounds strange since the selection of the target has really nothing to
do with the MIB files you have loaded. Please check whether you can
read other basic information, such as the SNMPv2-MIB::system group.

Adam> What I really want to do is monitor these variables in graphs
Adam> like the existing interface monitoring graphs. When I go to the
Adam> "Monitor Variable" menu option under SNMP Monitor, it asks what
Adam> snmp variable I should monitor. I have tried every combination
Adam> of options to get it to query a ucdavis variable to no
Adam> avail. I've tried the following:

Adam> enterprises.ucdavis.laTable.laEntry.laLoad.1
Adam> .enterprises.ucdavis.laTable.laEntry.laLoad.1
Adam> .laTable.laEntry.laLoad.1

Just use "laLoad". The monitoring script will walk the tree rooted at
laLoad and setup monitors for all instances found.

Adam> None of these work. I either get "No such variable" or
Adam> "connection refused" (which I don't understand). Can someone
Adam> please tell me the syntax for getting tkined to monitor the
Adam> ucd-snmp variables under linux? TIA

Make sure you can monitor simple standard things. If they work, start
to monitor the UCD agent.

If in doubt where the problem is, try to write a 5 line scotty script
which directly talks to the UCD SNMP agent and see what happens, e.g.

set s [snmp session -address xxxx]
$s walk x laLoad { puts $x }
$s destroy


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