[tkined] Q:Porting from TRAP-TYPE to NOTIFICATION-TYPE problem

From: Kim, Sungjin (Sungjin.Kim@marconi.com)
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 23:12:52 MET DST

Hi, All

I have a problem when I port TRAP-TYPE macro,asxSwitchLoginDetected, to
For value field, in TRAP-TYPE, it was like ::= 1072. Now it is ::=
{atmSwitch 0 1072}(based on rfc 1908).
The atmSwitch is the ENTERPRISE item in the TRAP-TYPE.

So, if object identifier for atmSwitch is and if I try
to get mib oid for the TRAP-TYPE mib object, scotty 3.0 returns But if I try to get mib oid for the
NOTIFICATION-TYPE mib object, scotty 3.0 complains as

% mib oid asxSwitchLoginDetected
invalid object identifier "asxSwitchLoginDetected"

And, if I try to get mib name using the correct oid, still I got some wrong
result as :

% mib name

The asxSwLinkDown value field is ::= {atmSwitch 0 0}

Does anybody know what is going on here ? Or if someone knows which part I
should change in scotty3.0 source code to fix this problem, please let me



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