Re: [tkined] PlugIn for Web-Browser

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 16:48:11 MET DST

>>>>> Roland Steiner writes:

Roland> We, especially our students, are using Scotty since some weeks
Roland> to create simple Network Management Programs at their lectures
Roland> or practices, so therefore first thanx for this helpful tool
Roland> and the community behind it.

Roland> Now we wanna present our simple progs with Web-Browsers,
Roland> therefore I installed the Tcl/Tk plugin which works well with
Roland> "normal" progs. On the scriptis F.A.Q. page in the www there
Roland> is a broken link to there they wanted to show
Roland> how to integrate extensions into the plugin (like it is
Roland> necesary for Scotty). So I need somebody who can tell me how
Roland> to do, or has already made a ready Scotty-Tcl-PlugIn for
Roland> Web-Browser.

I never came around to actually doing it. In principile, you should
be able to dynamically load the Tnm extension if it already resides
on the client machine running the Web browser. You probably need to
fiddle around with the security profiles.

If you want to make Tnm part of the plugin, then you need to rebuild
the plugin so that it contains all the Tnm extension code. This will
require a surgery of the Makefiles I guess. It should be possible -
but it takes some expertise (and probably a few cans of beer to handle
the pains of the surgery).


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