[tkined] Probs with multicast

From: Carsten Zerbst (zerbst@tu-harburg.de)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 11:21:42 MET DST


I have some problem with multicast. If I open sockets on different
groups and sockets and send with multicast to them, the results look
more like a broadcast. Disregarding the group, all client socket with
the same port get the packages. That is not the behaviour I expected.
Did I something wrong or haven't I understand the multicast
functionality ?

Bye, Carsten

package require Tnm
set c1 [udp multicast open 5678]
set c2 [udp multicast open 5678]
set c3 [udp multicast open 5679]
set c4 [udp multicast open 5679]

proc lesen {sock} {
   puts "\nSocket [udp info $sock],\n\tgesendet von [join [udp receive

foreach sock {c1 c2 c3 c4} {
   udp bind [set $sock] readable "lesen [set $sock]"
vwait forever


--package require Tnm
set s1 [udp multicast open 5678]

foreach group {} {
   foreach port {5678 5679} {
      udp send $s1 $group $port ",\n\tgesendet an $group:$port"

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