Re: [tkined] Discover Route Core Dumps

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 12:29:17 MET DST

>>>>> Graham Smith writes:

Graham> Having installed and used tkined (1.4.10) and scotty (2.1.10)
Graham> on standard installations of Red Hat Linux 6.0 / 6.1 and 6.2
Graham> and built a network map of a selected number of machines which
Graham> form a small part of our (fairly large) network, whenever I
Graham> try and add an additional machine by using discover route I
Graham> get a segmentation fault and a core dump. It appears to happen
Graham> while trying to add the icons to the diagram, after all the
Graham> discovery and SNMP stuff has been done. Has anyone else
Graham> experienced this problem and more importantly can anyone shed
Graham> any light on a possible solution?

The traceback shows that it crashes where tkined receives data from
the discover process. However, there is not enough information in the
traceback to see what is going on. What is needed is either a simple
example that reproduces the problem or more debugging information.
Setting tki_Debug to 1 somewhere in the C source will print a trace of
the messages exchanged between the discover script and tkined. Also,
compiling tkined with -g allows to find out which call to
Tcl_DStringFree() in receive() failed and what the data structures
(objecty->done and objecty->cmd) looked like when it crashed.


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