[tkined] Re: Example script to crash multithread TCL/TNM/TCLHTTPD

From: Brent Welch (welch@ajubasolutions.com)
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 02:15:19 MET DST

krenzer@wayport.net said:
> I'm sending this to both the Scotty and Tclhttpd mailing lists since
> it kind of applies to both. I'm creating several threads that use
> snmp to generate information for web pages. However, if ever two
> threads execute snmp commands at the same time I get a segfault.

There is no guarantee that any particular Tcl extension you drop into
TclHttp is thread-safe. I suspect most are not, Scotty included.
I'm willing to give folks advice about making their extension thread safe,
if they are interested.

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