[tkined] segfault in multithread app when 'waiting'

From: Matthew Krenzer (krenzer@wayport.net)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 22:25:50 MET DST

I'm using Tnm (3.0.0) inside of tclhttpd (3.0.2) with the Thread (2.0)
package. I create several threads that perform async requests but if
ever two threads call 'snmp wait' or 'snmp# wait' I get a segmentation
fault. That's right, the whole tclsh crashes. If only one thread ever
dose a wait then there is no problem - only when multiple threads do
waits. Dose anyone have any idea why this might be? Is tnm not thread
safe? are just the 'wait' commands not thread safe? I have tried every
concevable combination of using the two types of 'wait' provided by

Any info would be great.

Matthew Krenzer

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