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From: Collard Joseph (Joseph.Collard@SAITRH.com)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 12:16:24 MET DST

I am working with Scotty v3.0.0 for win32 ( Snapshot Release 19. February
Currently, only Tnm::snmp and Tnm::mib are used.
The objective is to build an Intermediate Manager in Tcl and Scotty looks
fine for that.
Scotty is already used for the Manager Role.
It was expected to use Scotty for the Agent Role. But I have problems and I
would appreciate additional information.
Hereafter, I summarized the first experience towards using Scotty for the
Agent Role.
I would like to have information about the following issues:
1. Is the implementation of the Agent Role planned in Scotty v3 ? Planned
availability ?
2 . Is it already implemented, but in a different way ?
In such a case,
 What is the sense of RESPONDER SESSION COMMANDS "XXX This is all outdated !
 Wat about the new rules (commands ), the updated doc and the availability
of a minimal sample ?
3. What is your advise if I had to implement an Agent without waiting ?
(using an older version ? ,...)
If I get the "mapping rules" from previous Scotty (2.1.10 ? ) to Scotty
3.0.0, I can help to update the files in .../agents
Many thanks in advance
Joseph Collard
Joseph Collard
Wireless Solutions R & D
Chaussée de Ruisbroek, 66
B-1180 Brussels
E-mail: joseph.collard@saitrh.com

While reading the doc, I got different views on the support of the Agent
Role by v3.0.0 .
1. On Scotty Web Page "We are working on a manager side implementation of
SNMPv3 "
2. Tnm::snmp(n) :
DESCRIPTION : .....The Tnm extension supports four different SNMP session
types ......A "responder" ....Finally, "notifier" ...The combination of
"responder" and "notifier" SNMP sessions is traditionally called an SNMP
 " XXX This is all outdated XXXX
What does it mean ? I was in trouble, but continued to read
At first look, the doc was promising, even if implementing Set would require
more readings and perhaps (certainly ! ) a support through samples.
To continue towards the Agent Role, I considered the dir
../Scotty/lib/tnm3.0.0/agents and started reading Readme
About Readme
The file snmp-mlm.tcl is not in the distribution , but it is not a major
While illustrating the creation of a safe interpreter, the given 2 lines of
code make use of not (no more) supported features ( snmp session.... ; $s
configure -agent ....
 I don't find trace of a section RESPONDER SESSION OPTIONS and option -agent

I read the script snmpd.tcl. It looks OK ( [Tnm::snmp reponder ..] .......#
$s configure -agent $interp )
The script was launched. I got an error "couldn't open MIB file
"tubs-tnm.mib": no such .......".
After research within the MIB directory, I updated the file snmpd-tnm.tcl
with "Tnm::mib load TUBS-IBR-TNM-MIB" and decided to put in comments the
loading of the other modules ( snmpd.tcl) to focus effort on snmpd-tnm.tcl.
I got the error "couldn't parse MIB file ....TUBS-IBR-TNM-MIB" . After
additional research among the mibs, I inserted "Tnm::mib load Tubs-smi "
within snmpd.tcl. I also added "console show " to have a chance to see the
outputs from "puts stdout "SNMP ........". And I got the error " wrong #
args : should be "snmp0 bind event ?command? while executing "$s bind
tnmTclCmdCount.0 get { ........invoked from SNMP_TnmInit ...." .
At that point, I decided to write this mail.

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