Re: [tkined] udp, tcl, and retry code help?

From: Matthew Levine (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 17:05:42 MET DST

Anton Osennikov wrote:
> proc resendPacket {packetNo} {
> global packets
> if {[info exists packets($packetNo)]} {
> sendPacket $packetNo

>> after $timeout resendPacket $packetNo <<

This is the missing piece. I already have routines to track the packets
and the acks. I just had a syntactical error.

See I had something like:

        after $timeout { resendPacket $packetNo }

        after $timeout "resendPacket $packetNo"

which both do the same thing. They delay the evaluation of $packetNo
into the after scope (global) for which packetNo does not exist.

However, as you have written it, $packetNo is evaluated before the after
command is evaluated. Thus, the value of packetNo, and not the
reference to it, is included as part of the callback.

Geesh! It was a simple answer. I guess I need to review some of the
basic Tcl rules.


> }
> }
> proc receiveAck {packet} {
> global packets
> set packetNo [whatPacket $packet]
> unset packets $packetNo
> }
> --
> Best wishes, Anton Osennikov.

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