Re: [tkined] udp, tcl, and retry code help?

From: Doug Hughes (Doug.Hughes@Eng.Auburn.EDU)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 01:08:50 MET DST

>I've written an application using the udp libraries and it works pretty
>well. However, it would work a whole lot better if I had some retry
>code in there.
>The application takes many inputs from different hosts so whatever retry
>code I put in there cannot block the app from handling other requests.
>So I looked to the 'after' command.
>The problem with the after command is that it operates in the global
>scope so any local variables from the calling context that I put in an
>'after' callback, cannot be expanded correctly.
>So the problem is this:
>With each packet I send, I have a packet handle to receive an ACK on -
>each message must be acknowledged. Since I'm taking inputs from many
>hosts, I need my after callback to know which handle to wait on so it
>knows which packet hasn't been ack'ed. If a packet doesn't get ack'ed
>within a retry timer, I need to send that packet out again.
>There must be some way to do this and hopefully something simple that
>I've overlooked.

I've got a clean-room tcl udp implementation based partly
on Juergen's but mostly on the old tcludp 1.0 package.
I've made it asynchronous, so you can use fileevent to
receive stuff. Also, you can use fconfigure $udp -remote
to get the address of the remote.

If you're interested, let me know.

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