[tkined] Question on setting a mib object value.

From: Ed Barnes (ebarnes@appiancom.com)
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 00:02:44 MET DST

Hello everyone-

I recently ran into a problem using a tool I developed in Scotty. The tool
has been working fine, but we have now ventured into a part of our
enterprise mib that has not been used,
and have encountered a strange problem.

When I try to set a particular entry, I get the error:

unknown asn1 type 0x10

This is using an object that is defined in our mib virtually identically to
another object that has the same syntax, and that object works fine (sets
and gets.) Oddly, another tool using
the same mib files can set the object without complaint. I am not sure that
scotty is even sending out a packet at this point - it appears (from my
novice point of view :) to be
something that scotty cannot interpret, rather than a response from the
remote agent.

Any ideas?

-Ed Barnes

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