[tkined] Indexed by IMPLIED OCTET Strings

From: Sanapoori, Hari (Hari.Sanapoori@marconi.com)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 17:01:09 MET DST


According to the book william stallings, the tables which are indexed by
strings will have length of the string embbedded in OID. But there is any
expection for this also according to book. The tables which indexed by octet
strings which are having a keyword IMPLIED in the INDEX area, don't need to
have length in OID. Now, My request is,

Is there a way to find, whether the table/entry is indexed by OCTET String
or IMPLIED octet string?

Any help to resolve this issue is very much welcome....

Thanks in advance.


Hari Prasad Sanapoori
Marconi Communications
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Warrendale, PA 15086, USA.
Voice : 724-742-7434
Email : Hari.Sanapoori@marconi.com

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