Re: [tkined] question about "snmp# set"

From: Erik Schoenfelder (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 15:33:20 MET DST


Sheng> I am a beginner of scotty.
Sheng> the program is very sample ( only 3 lines) :

Sheng> #!/home/wangs/scotty/bin/scotty2.1.10
Sheng> set sh [snmp session -address]
Sheng> $sh set [list [list sysContact.0 "Bert Nase"] ]

Sheng> the error message is :

Sheng> noSuchName 1 { {OCTET STRING} {Bert Nase}}
Sheng> while executing
Sheng> "$sh set [list [list sysContact.0 "Bert Nase"] ]
Sheng> "
Sheng> who can tell me what is the problem?

it seems the agent rejects the set request du to a wrong community

because you try to set the sysContact to `Bert Nase' (which i really
appreciate ;-), i assume you are running the cmu snmpd for linux.

check if and what community you use for set requests in

> #
> # community configuration
> #
> # commName readV writeV
> #
> community public xmini -
> ## uncomment for private entry:
> community secret42 mini mini

this example should allow set requests with the community string
secret42 .

please check which community string is needed and use this community
string within your scotty command; eg:

> % set sh [snmp session -address -community secret42]

i hope this helps,

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