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From: Yuli_Hou@3com.com
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 18:54:45 MET DST

Hi there,

I has checked the FAQ and newsgroup archives. But I did not find any solutions.
I was forced to send this quesiton out into the newsgroup.

I really need the help to get and set the mib table of scotty TNM snmp. I had
the tcl script to work on the simple mib table as followed:

    set cmdList [list ap128bWepkeyIndex\
         ap128bWepKeyValue ]

    if [catch {
     $s walk vbl $cmdList {
         set ap128bWepkeyIndex [lindex [lindex $vbl 0] 2]
         set ap128bWepkeyValue [lindex [lindex $vbl 1] 2]
         set ap128bWEPKeyTab($ap128bWepkeyIndex,$ap128bWepkeyValue) [list
"ap128bWEPKey" $ap128bWepkeyValue]
         Debug "ap128bWEPKeyTab=
$ap128bWEPKeyTab($ap128bWepkeyIndex,$ap128bWepkeyValue) , ap128bWepkeyIndex=
     if {$ap128bWepkeyIndex > $glMaxIndex} {
         set glMaxIndex $ap128bWepkeyIndex
     Debug "glMaxIndex{$glMaxIndex}"
    } msg ] {
     ## Error !!
     Debug "Error : $msg"
     return [StdErrCode $msg]

If therea are ifIndex entries to access the different table entry in a table, it
 did not work. As I tried to get the table entry
of dot11WEPDefaultKeysTable. I did as followed:

set cmdList [list dot11WEPDefaultKeyIndex\
         dot11WEPDefaultKeyValue ]

    if [catch {
     $s walk vbl $cmdList {

Does anyone can teld me what it is wrong in the tcl script ? How could I coreect
this problem ? Can he/she provide the sample script ? Also, you can send the
email to me directly.


- Yuli Hou

ps. I attached the mib definition in the end of email.

- -- **********************************************************************
- -- * WEPDefaultKeys TABLE
- -- **********************************************************************
dot11WEPDefaultKeysTable OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF Dot11WEPDefaultKeysEntry
        MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
        STATUS current

            "Conceptual table for WEP default keys. This table shall
            contain the four WEP default secret key values
            corresponding to the four possible KeyID values. The WEP
            default secret keys are logically WRITE-ONLY. Attempts to
            read the entries in this table shall return unsuccessful
            status and values of null or zero. The default value of
            each WEP default key shall be null."

        REFERENCE "IEEE Std 802.11-1997, 8.3.2"
    ::= { dot11smt 3 }

dot11WEPDefaultKeysEntry OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX Dot11WEPDefaultKeysEntry
        MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
        STATUS current

            "An Entry (conceptual row) in the WEP Default Keys Table.

            ifIndex - Each 802.11 interface is represented by an
            ifEntry. Interface tables in this MIB module are indexed
            by ifIndex."

        INDEX {ifIndex, dot11WEPDefaultKeyIndex}
    ::= { dot11WEPDefaultKeysTable 1 }

Dot11WEPDefaultKeysEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
            dot11WEPDefaultKeyIndex INTEGER,
            dot11WEPDefaultKeyValue WEPKeytype}

dot11WEPDefaultKeyIndex OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX INTEGER (1..4)
        MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
        STATUS current
            "The auxiliary variable used to identify instances
            of the columnar objects in the WEP Default Keys Table.
The value of this variable is equal to the WEPDefaultKeyID + 1"
    ::= { dot11WEPDefaultKeysEntry 1 }

dot11WEPDefaultKeyValue OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX WEPKeytype
        MAX-ACCESS read-write
        STATUS current
            "A WEP default secret key value."
    ::= { dot11WEPDefaultKeysEntry 2 }
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