[tkined] Maximum number of SNMP-Monitor Jobs = 10?

From: Robert Dahlem (Robert.Dahlem@ffm2.siemens.de)
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 13:49:09 MET DST


I posted this alread end of march but no responses. Perhaps better
luck this time ...

I got my eleventh and twelfth router. I use to monitor their
interfaces with SNMP-Monitor -> Interface Load. I added two jobs for
the new routers and saved the view.

After restarting tkined, all the new interfaces showed "NoResponse"
and the new jobs where no longer available under SNMP-Monitor ->
Monitor Job Info.

A look into the saved file shows something like

        set interpreter2 \
                [ ined -noupdate create INTERPRETER snmp_monitor.tcl ]
        ined send $interpreter2 restart start_ifload_monitor 15 job0 ...
        ined send $interpreter2 restart start_ifload_monitor 15 job1 ...
        ined send $interpreter2 restart start_ifload_monitor 15 job9 ...
        ined send $interpreter2 restart start_ifload_monitor 15 job10 ...
        ined send $interpreter2 restart start_ifload_monitor 15 job11 ...

job10 and job11 are for the new routers. It seems that something
inside tkined does not allow for more than 10 monitor jobs in one
interpreter when restartet from a saved view file.

Can someone ack on this? Is there a workaround?


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