Re: [tkined] tnm3.0.0 directory creation?

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 16:16:52 MET DST

>>>>> Sanapoori, Hari writes:

Hari> When snmp mibs were complied for the first time, it creates
Hari> directory called "tnm3.0.0" under root directory. This happens
Hari> only if I don't have user-defined directories in PATH and
Hari> LD_LIBRARY_PATH. If I have some user-defined directories in PATH
Hari> and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, it creates the tnm3.0.0 direcotory in some
Hari> other place. Due to this, the Tnm::snmp commands were not found
Hari> when I execute some commands.

Hari> Is there a way to decide where to create the tnm3.0.0
Hari> directory during the complilation of mibs?

Just take a look at It says:

: prefix = @prefix@

and a bit later
: # Directory in which to install library files belonging to the extension.
: TNM_INSTALL_DIR = $(prefix)/lib/tnm$(TNM_VERSION)

So the TNM_INSTALL_DIR depends on the prefix which itself is
determined during your configure run. If you type ./configure --help,
you will see among other things the switches to set the prefix (which
of course overwrites any determined settings). There is also a hint to
"./configure -help" in step (b) of the README in the unix directory.
This is all standard GNU configure behaviour. There is absolutely no
magic here and things usually work out of the box.


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