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Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 12:35:15 MET DST

>>>>> Yosvani Silva writes:

Yosvani> I need to know if there are any way to run tkined as a
Yosvani> resident program or let it open in the background, because of
Yosvani> I download a few scripts made by Ismail to make a page in
Yosvani> html format which provide information and send messages to
Yosvani> the administrators when a node is unreachable. This scripts
Yosvani> do this query the tkined, but for this the tkined must be
Yosvani> open, and if the server, where tkined is installed, is down
Yosvani> the tkined must be up manually when the server is up.

You can write a script to restart Tkined. However, Tkined needs to
have an X11 server around and you probably need to play with access
control. You can also try to run a pseudo X11 server which does not
really have a display.

Yes, Tkined should have been a client/server type of thing from the
beginning. But such is life.


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