Re: [tkined] SUN RPC

From: Doug Hughes (Doug.Hughes@Eng.Auburn.EDU)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 19:30:59 MET DST

>Understand that the thresholds are dependent on the individual systems. I
>found what I was looking for, after numerouse attempts at numerous search
>engines, at:
>Which told me what each varaible from the rstat translated to. (i.e
>avenrun_0 which when divided by 256 gives you the Avg load in the past
>minute ). ISo now the thresholds we currently set on other tools such as
>mwatch can be set in tkined. My goal here is to condense all our current
>monitoring tools into one.
>As I am new to TK it may be a while before it is "very configurable" right
>now I am just trying to make it "simply functional" for my current work, the
>goal of course will be a module that can be usefull to others as well.
>Thanks again.
I have several tools that use scotty and one in particular
(cpupie) that uses rstat to show CPU usage in pie charts.

I've found it very useful and lots of other people use it too.
If you find interesting ways for displaying other things,
I would be interested. (possibly in even linking them into
cpupie - load being the most obvious candidate)

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