[tkined] SNMPv3 Authentication

From: Sanapoori, Hari (hsanapoo@fore.com)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 16:05:24 MET DST


        In the man pages of the scotty-3 alpha version of the software,
        it mentioned that the -authPassWord will take the values such as
        noAuth/noPriv, md5/noPriv and des/noPriv. There is a note saying
        that not all values are fully supported in the current

        I request anybody to let me know, what authentication levels is
        supported at present. At present noAuth/noPriv is working fine with
        my SNMPv3 Agent. But, I am facing some problems with the other two.

        Are they not supported yet or I am doing wrongly? Appreciate your

        The same question arises for -privPassWord too.... Let me know how
        much will supported with -privPassWord values.



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