Re: [tkined] Tnm::netdb cache

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 13:08:38 MET DST

>>>>> Rohit Kerhalkar writes:

Rohit> How can I avoid caching in the 'Tnm::netdb hosts name
Rohit> ip_address' command. The requirement is that /etc/hosts may
Rohit> change and I should be able to retrieve the new name of the
Rohit> same IP Address if I am running netdb in a loop.

There is currently no interface to access or control the name cache.
Note that all name lookups go through the same cache - not only the
Tnm::netdb command.

I certainly see the value of being able to control the cache. The
interesting question is what the API addition should look like. I
think it would actually be nice to be able to retrieve the whole cache
and to write it back. One way to do this is to export the cache as a
Tcl variable. Another option would be to add Tnm::xxx commands to
interface with the cache.

Another option would be to add a time stamping mechanism so that cache
entries are validated regularily. In this case, we only need to export
the lifetime parameter for cache entries. Perhaps this is even better
since most applications won't regularily flush the cache anyway.

Any comments? Proposals? Patches?


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