Re: [tkined] createAndGo

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 14:41:02 MET DST

>>>>> George Ross writes:

George> The ProCurve is quite slow to create VLANs, though it seems to
George> respond to everything else promptly (including all my other
George> set requests, which was confusing the issue nicely!). It
George> hadn't occured to me that tnm would get bored waiting by
George> default and would retransmit the createAndGo three or four
George> times. When the ProCurve is done with the first copy, and has
George> sent its reponse, it processes the second, third and
George> ... copies and sends error responses back for them, which tnm
George> then queues up to hand on to my program the next time it tries
George> to send anything to the ProCurve.

Oops. This sounds strange. Every request as a unique request ID which
is used to correlate a response to an outstanding requests. So either
scotty generates non-unique request IDs or the ProCurve box screws
things up. Can you please check the request ids that you see on the


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