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Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 11:09:17 MET DST


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> Try to figure out what actually goes into the SNMP messages. Either
> turn 'snmp watch on' and look at the varbinds (just to make sure the
> problem is really on scotty's part). An alternative is to run tcpdump
> which produces more human readable output (the latest version on
> is able to load MIBs using libsmi).

tcpdump was useful. It looks like it's a timeout/retransmission problem.
The ProCurve is quite slow to create VLANs, though it seems to respond to
everything else promptly (including all my other set requests, which was
confusing the issue nicely!). It hadn't occured to me that tnm would get
bored waiting by default and would retransmit the createAndGo three or
four times. When the ProCurve is done with the first copy, and has sent
its reponse, it processes the second, third and ... copies and sends error
responses back for them, which tnm then queues up to hand on to my program
the next time it tries to send anything to the ProCurve.

I'll try tuning -timeout and -retries to see if that fixes it.
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