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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 16:31:18 MET DST


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> Having spent many a jolly hour fiddling with HP MIBs and
> corresponding with folks at HP to find what order to load them in (and
> still not getting them all loaded), may I pick your brains and ask which
> MIBs you load, in which order? (And where you get them from & what's your
> favourite vintage?!)

The set I've used is off the CDROM that came in the box with the 4000.
The readme.htm file on it is dated September 8th 1999. The only two mibs
I've used in anger off it are config.mib and hpvlan.mib, which don't seem
to depend on anything else.

In my quick-and-dirty tree-walker I used a hack to load them in two
batches, *.mib and *.xxx, just in alphanumeric order within each batch. I
started out with them all called .mib, repeatedly ran the program, and each
time one failed to parse I renamed it from .mib to .xxx. Eventually the
following all loaded, in this order:

config.mib hphttpmg.mib hpstack.mib icfsecur.mib netswtst.mib
dma.mib hpicfoid.mib hpvgrptr.mib icfvg.mib stat.mib
drivers.mib hpltst.mib hpvlan.mib iftype.mib vg.mib
hpentmib.mib hprptr.mib icfetwst.mib ipx.mib

That seems to work for me. I haven't bothered with the rfc ones yet.

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