Re: [tkined] 3Com SSII 1100/3300/3300XM utility

From: John Stumbles (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 15:51:53 MET DST

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, George Ross wrote:

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> A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had written a utility to query and
> optionally update the configuration of a 3Com SSII 1100/3300/3300XM stack,
> I'll probably not develop this code much more. I've been concentrating
> instead on porting it to the HP ProCurve 4000, which is altogether a much
> nicer box to speak to, and for which I've junked the entire expect
> interface in favour of doing both queries and configuration updates using
> tnm.

        Having spent many a jolly hour fiddling with HP MIBs and
corresponding with folks at HP to find what order to load them in (and
still not getting them all loaded), may I pick your brains and ask which
MIBs you load, in which order? (And where you get them from & what's your
favourite vintage?!)

FWIW I currently have
lappend tnm(mibs) hpicfoid.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) config.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpdwnld.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpentmib.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpbasic.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) iftype.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) netswtst.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) stat.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpvlan.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpgnrptr.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpltst.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hpff.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) hphttpmg.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) rfc2239.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) rfc2233.mib
lappend tnm(mibs) rfc2358.mib
# lappend tnm(mibs) rfc2037.mib
        the last one complains
unable to parse ENTERPRISE {
/usr/local/lib/tnm2.1.10/site/rfc2037.mib:671: bad format in TRAP-TYPE
couldn't parse MIB file "/usr/local/lib/tnm2.1.10/site/rfc2037.mib"

        There seem to be various sets of MIBs of different vintages
around: the set on the Top Tools CD that comes with switches, the s99 set
on HP's web site and the set that gets distributed with HPOV. IIRC the s99
set is most recent. The sets also comprise different actual MIBs, e.g. the
OV and TT sets contain hpoid.mib whereas the newer set has hpicfoid.mib
which seems to be an updated version of the former. And so it goes ....

        BTW we use HP4Ks here like they were going out of fashion, so I
encourage you with your efforts!

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