Re: [tkined] How to get the engineID?

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 09:41:24 MET DST

>>>>> Sanapoori, Hari writes:

Hari> When I try to get some mib information from agent, there is an
Hari> error message from agent saying no user for the specific engine
Hari> ID. The engine ID passed is empty. I hope scotty has to detect
Hari> the engine ID before sending the get/set/getnext or any possible
Hari> PDU to the snmpv3 agent. At present it is not discovering the
Hari> engineID.

It some sort of discovers the engineID, but it reports an error the
first time. The reasons here are some internals. (The previous USEC
was patching the right "engineID" into the packet once a report was
received. This patching does not work with SNMPv3 since it does not
have a fixed size engineID at a fixed place in the packet.) So right
now, the simplest solution is to do a dummy get in a catch command:

     set s [Tnm::snmp generator -version SNMPv3 -address xxxx]
     catch {$s getnext 1.3}
     # your code goes here

But of course, this dummy catch should go away and these things should
be handled internally.


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