[tkined] How to get the engineID?

From: Sanapoori, Hari (hsanapoo@fore.com)
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 22:20:31 MET DST


        I downloaded the scotty-3.0 with SNMPv3. It is an alpha version.
        When I tried to create an SNMP session to a node which has SNMPv3
        agent running on it, it creates the session with default to snmpv1.
        I changed the version as SNMPv3 by -version option and it accepted
        that change and all needed variables were set to defaults.

        When I try to get some mib information from agent, there is an
        error message from agent saying no user for the specific engine ID.
        The engine ID passed is empty. I hope scotty has to detect the
        engine ID before sending the get/set/getnext or any possible PDU
        to the snmpv3 agent. At present it is not discovering the engineID.

        I appreciate any help from somebody in the mailing list. Let me
        have some more information if I am missing some thing.



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