[tkined] HPUX 10.20 compilation error

From: Curtis H. Schwartz (Curtis.H.Schwartz.1@gsfc.nasa.gov)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 17:44:50 MET DST

HPUX 10.20
Successfully ran ./configure -with-tcl-config=/opt/tcl-8.0/lib
Running make eventually returns:
        ld -b tnmInit.o tnmUtil.o tnmJob.o tnmIned.o tnmSyslog.o tnmIcmp.o
tnmDns.o tnmEvent.o tnmUdp.o tnmSunRpc.o tnmNtp.o tnmRpc.o
tnmHttp.o tnmNetdb.o tnmUnixInit.o tnmUnixLog.o tnmUnixSocket.o
tnmUnixIcmp.o mount_clnt.o mount_xdr.o ether_clnt.o
ether_xdr.o rstat_clnt.o rstat_xdr.o pcnfsd_clnt.o pcnfsd_xdr.o tnmAsn1.o
tnmMD5.o tnmSnmpNet.o tnmSnmpUtil.o tnmSnmpInst.o tnmSnmpSend.o
tnmSnmpRecv.o tnmSnmpAgent.o tnmSnmpTcl.o tnmMibQuery.o tnmMibParser.o
tnmMibTree.o tnmMibFrozen.o tnmMibTcl.o -o tnm.sl -lrpcsvc -ll
ld: Invalid loader fixup for symbol "$0000002E".
*** Error exit code 1

Anyone have any ideas?

............. Thanks, Curtis
Curtis H. Schwartz QSS, Inc.
GSFC/AETD Network Operations
Voice: (301) 286-1963
Beep: (301) 647-6068

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