[tkined] can not load tnn map file into standalone mibtree using scotty 3. 0.0 win snapshof Feb 00

From: Schurack,Harald (SCHURACK@draeger.com)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 16:16:04 MET DST


I do have TCL/TK 8.2.2 installed on Win NT4 SP5. Then I installed Scotty
from the file scotty-00-02-19-win.zip

Using tkined I created a simple network diagram and saved it as a map file.
the result was:

$map configure -expire 3600 -height 0 -name {} -path {} -store {} -tags {}
-tick 60 -width 0
set node4 [$map create node ]
set node1 [$map create node ]

When I try to open the map file with the mibtree.tcl script I do get
"Invalid Tnm map file"
The strange thing also is that there were no options stored for the nodes
like name or address.

After that I tried to create a map manually

set state($w,map) [map create]
$state($w,map) configure -expire 3600 -height 0 -name "SNMP-Test" -path {}
-store {} -tags {} -tick 60 -width 0
$state($w,map) create node -address -color Black -expire 3600
-font fixed -group {} -icon {} -name hsnet -path {} -priority 0 -store {}
-tags {}

set first_node [$state($w,map) find -type node -address]
set using_Map [ $state($w,map) cget -name ]
set belongs_to [ $first_node map ]
set configure [ $first_node configure ]
set type [ $first_node type ]

The strange thing there is that

set ipaddress [$first_node cget -address]
set name [$first_node cget -name]

causes an error "invalid option -address while executing $first_node cget
and that [$first_node configure] returns nothing and that dumping the map
with [$state($w,map) dump]
generates the same output like the output of tkined.

What could be the reason for this behavior ? The same code worked with
TCL/TK 8.0 and Scotty snapshot scotty-99-07-04-win.zip

Kind regards

Dräger Medizintechnik GmbH

Harald Schurack

mt-ds-tb 6921
Tel: +49 451 882 - 4257
Fax: +49 451 882 - 4411
email: Harald.Schurack@draeger.com

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