[tkined] counter32:"integer value too large to represent"

From: Szokoli Gabor (szocske@vaskutya.sch.bme.hu)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 10:48:31 MET


I think I'm facing the most obvious problem here:
a 32 bit counter won't fit in a signed long, used by Tcl to represent

I'll need to force it to interpret it as real, so it gets represented as
double. That won't help me if I come across counter64 -s, though.
I don't know what may happen in the varbindlist to the value,
it looks like it is represented as integer, there's no trailing .0
I could start experimenting, but hoping someone has the answer already...

What is the standard way to handle this problem?

I'm still running scotty 2.1.


Ps: Who is Abed Kurdi, akurdi@extremenetworks.com, and why is he sending
 me DOS executables, with virus programmes included, as a followup to a
 thread on this list?
 Is he on the list, or just doing it through the archive?
 Am I the only chosen one, or is he trying to pull the same trick with
 Did I make the impression, that I would tourture myself with a <spit>
 virus-prone OS?
 Or was it something I said? I feel pretty Leben und leben lassen -ish,
 so I don't know how to interpret such an attack.

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