[tkined] SQL Databases

From: Cary O'Brien (cobrien@optimsys.com)
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 14:13:02 MET

Ok, now I hope I've got the right to and the right from, since
this is an interesting discussion and relates both to things
I've done in the past and things I may have to do in the future.

> What exactly were you doing whith what amount of records in which RDBMS?
> Are we talking about simply adding new records to the DB?
> > >I converted to outputting the data to a file then importing it, it
> > >only took a
> > >few seconds! I assume Stuart was noticing similarly huge differences.
> > >
> > Not so huge as that, but as someone pointed out the SQL*Loader is the
> > fastest way to get stuff into a table.
> I'm showing my lack of experience again:
> is SQL*Loader a DBvendor independent way to load a table from a file?

sqlload is a utility that comes with oracle. It loads data very quickly.
Most databases have some sort of bulk insert capability. In PostgreSQL
it is just the COPY command rather than a stand-alone utility. It is
pretty fast, but you have to drop indexes and then re-index.

- -- cary

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