[tkined] Apache mod_snmp and scotty

From: Daniel Lopez (ridruejo@atm9.com.dtu.dk)
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 23:33:23 MET


I am trying to access Apache's mod_snmp info from within Tcl. I can access
the information fine with command line tools like snmpwalk and I also
successfully used Tcl to access Linux snmpd, but I am having trouble
accessing mod_snmp. whatever I try I get noResponse
I am using Mandrake Linux 7.0 and have tried scotty 2.1.10 and 3.0

% snmp session -address
% snmp1 get system.sysDescr.0
My config:
<SNMP 161>
    SNMPbuckets logs
    SNMPcommunity public
    sysContact Admins@email.address
    sysLocation your-place.your-country.your-earth.your-universe

Has anyone successfully used these two piece of software together?
Any hint on how I can figure out what is going wrong?


There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

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