Re: [tkined] High volume SNMP poller

From: Szokoli Gabor (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 15:42:05 MET

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Juergen Schoenwaelder wrote:
> >>>>> Szokoli Gabor writes:
> Szokoli> of SNMP polling. Is there a more detailed index for such
> Szokoli> contributions than the ones I've found so far?
> There is a very nice paper on this to be published at the upcoming
> NOMS 2000 conference <URL:>.
> You may want to go there if you happen to be in Hawaii.
Well, the web works from as far away from Hawaii as Hungary ... :-)
Not real fast, though.
And the papers do not seem to be published yet :-)

> Szokoli> 4,I seem to have Tcl problems with scotty: the program does
> Szokoli> not exit when the script ends, as if I used vwait or wish.
> Make sure all your SNMP sessions are properly destroyed. (Otherwise
> the interpreter will stay in its event loop.)
Oooops :-)

> Szokoli> 5, This one is pure Tcl: How can my script be avare of
> Szokoli> signals sent to it? Perl assigns procedures to signals, can
> Szokoli> Tcl do that?
> Not in plain Tcl. You either need to write C code (fairly simple) or
> you have to use TclX.
How does scotty integrate with such extensions?

> Szokoli> 6,I wrote a "smart SNMP walk", one that retrieves multiple
[... hype snipped]

> Szokoli> the tables. What's wrong with sending a whole row in a
> Szokoli> single PDU? (Should I post it here?)
> In 3.0.0, you simply do:
> set s [snmp generator -address xxxx]
> $s walk [mib children ifEntry] { puts "%E %V" }
There goes my hands-on-Tnm project...
No, mine still has a feature, it can get sysUpTime with every row :-)
Does the 3.0.0 walk work for columns from different sized tables?

> This is all asynchronous - so you can walk hundred of systems
> simultaneously if you like. Sure, the walk command does not do tooBig
What other errors should a walk be prepared to handle?
Right now my only idea is end of MIB, but I have little experince with
SNMP so far.

> handling nor does it unpack data from instance identifiers. But there
> are mib pack and unpack commands that make this easier to code in
I do not have the FAQ at hand, so I should not ask, but, I didn't get this
packing/unpackig part...

> Tcl. The Tkined scripts are smart and walk tables row by row unless an
> error (such as tooBig) shows up.
That's another one.
What happens with tkined, when scotty goes 3.0.0?
I'm worried about the tools already written for it.
(Anyway, is there an archive of such tools submitted by all the happy


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