[tkined] High volume SNMP poller

From: Szokoli Gabor (szocske@vaskutya.sch.bme.hu)
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 11:21:15 MET


I'm working on a generic SNMP poller, for network performance statistics
and a lot more.
The number of nodes forces me to optimise for network utilisation.
I'm using scotty2.1.10

That's where my questions start:
1,Is that the latest version? How "alpha" is the 3.0.0?
  Are there major changes?
  Should I be using that, or the stable one?

2,I am looking for extensions, examples, mostly in the field of SNMP
  polling. Is there a more detailed index for such contributions than the
  ones I've found so far?

3,I want Tnm's get (n) and getnext (n) NOT to format types like TimeTicks
  in sysUptime, I know how to format them back, but why waste those
  CPU cycles?
  I've got hundreds of hosts to poll for thousands of variables.

4,I seem to have Tcl problems with scotty: the program does not exit when
  the script ends, as if I used vwait or wish.

5, This one is pure Tcl: How can my script be avare of signals sent to it?
  Perl assigns procedures to signals, can Tcl do that?

6,I wrote a "smart SNMP walk", one that retrieves multiple subtrees
  (tables), with the minimum number of UDP packets possible
  (assuming the number of rows to be unknown, like in ifTable):
  each snmpnext carries multiple variables, a whole row.
  (I need to prepare it for the tooBig error yet, but I won't use it to
  get more than 63 columns anyway )
  It is about 2 pages with loads of commnets, and I'm new to TcL.
  I mean it's easy, even I did it, and it interfaces more or less
  like snmpwalk: callback script, % things regsubst-ed and all.
  It works asyncronously for now, you may block with vwait.
  How come nobody does it this way?
  What fatal problem did I overlook?
  HP's snmpwalk, the UCD example snmpwalk, even Tnm's snmpwalk
  wastes one PDU per variable in each "row" of the tables.
  What's wrong with sending a whole row in a single PDU?
  (Should I post it here?)

whoa, that's a big post to start with, I just subscribed and promis not to
talk this much later on :-)

Thanks for any answers or comments:

Szokoli "Szocske" Gabor

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