Re: [tkined] Straps and MULTICAST in scotty-2.1.10

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 19:16:45 MET

>>>>> Arun Kumar writes:

Arun> I had a question about Straps in Scotty 2.1.10. We are seeing
Arun> that scotty straps daemon is sending request (like once every
Arun> two seconds) on and Is there any
Arun> documentation as so why 234.0.0 has been used, and what happens
Arun> if we undef the flag "HAVE_MULTICAST".

I guess you are seeing group membership packets. Something very normal
if you are doing multicast things. The address 234.0.0 is a build in
constant and has no special meaning. In fact, disabling HAVE_MULTICAST
is the right thing to do in most cases. (And it is the default in the
3.0.0 snapshots.)

Arun> It seems to be fine if we have one or two machines running
Arun> straps deamon, but if we have 40-50 machines on the network
Arun> running straps daemon, it starts to bother the network. Any help
Arun> will be appreciated.

Just turn it off.


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