[tkined] bugs or features

From: Thomas Gierloff (scotty@rz.magdeburg.de)
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 10:41:11 MET

Hi Juergen,
on playing scotty/tkined i found:

1.LOGs are not closed on removing/deleting tools via
  "Delete xyz" on tool menu nor via Tool->Kill Interpreter
  (the code destroys only MENU and INTERPRETER objects)

2.The actual CVS version shows menus without tearoff.
  Why not? On large menus (e.g. snmp) it's very usefull
  to cut a submenu(tree) from parent.

3.After closing a LOG via menu File->close or hotkey
  Alt-w the next output opens an new LOG - it's OK.
  But after closing a LOG on clicking the windows kill
  button all further outputs are lost because no new
  window is shown (tested on Linux 2.0.36..2.2.10,
  TCL/TK 8.0..8.2, fvwm2/fvwm95/kde, any tkined/scotty
  The only way is to delete the tool and start it again.

Thomas Gierloff
Mail:  t.gierloff@kid.magdeburg.de
 Tel:  +49 (0)391 540 7046
 Fax:  +49 (0)391 540 7098
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