Re: [tkined] Cant get atTable

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 19:04:22 MET

>>>>> Johan Johansen writes:

Johan> Recently I went from scotty-2.1.10 to scotty-99-08-12. It's
Johan> working very nice, exept for one minor detail. I can't get the
Johan> atTable from our routers any more.


Johan> I have no idea how to correct this, anyone else?

This is some sort of a bug in the current snapshot. Scotty now has a
command to verify instance identifier. In fact, scotty unpacks the
information contained in an instance identifier and uses them to
speedup table retrievals. Unfortunately, it does not work very well
with the atTable since it is INDEXed by NetworkAddress. The rules for
encoding a NetworkAddress value do not exist in SMIv2 anymore since
NetworkAddress is also gone. And the current parser already does the
conversion to the IpAddress type, which however is encoded
differently. (Are you still there?)

The only reasonable way to fix this is to wait until we use the libsmi
parser library because it will give access to all the information we
need to do the right thing. The good news however is that the atTable
itself is obsolete now for roughly 9 years and you should be using the
ipNetToMediaTable anyway. ;-)


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