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Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 20:54:38 MET

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On 03-Feb-2000 Juergen Schoenwaelder wrote:
>>>>>> Hugo Gayosso writes:
> Hugo> Have you considered putting scotty in
> No.
> Hugo> They provide good service and they take the hassle of
> Hugo> maintaining and doing backups. (did I say that this is free??)
> The service is free here as well. And it is not a big deal since we
> have students who do the nasty work like backups etc. :-)
> /js

Another good thing of SourceForge is that they provide everything you need to
develop an Open Source software project, they provide you:

Mailing lists
Patch manager
Task manager

And I don't know what else, right now I involved in some projects that moved
there and it seems to work very good.

Oh, I forgot you also have shell access via SSH.

Anyway, just a thought, there is also Server51 that is still in beta, but has
the same purpose of SourceForge (provide a framework of tools for the
development of Free Software/Open Source projects), Server51 is still in beta,
and with the recent acquisition of Andover by VALinux, I don't know if they are
going to keep with that project, or just merge it with Source Forge.


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