Re: [tkined] SNMPv2/v3 summary

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 15:50:31 MET

>>>>> dwetzel writes:

dwetzel> i used to work heavily with scotty 2 years ago now i'm at
dwetzel> uunet as a presale and do no more tcl programming but i still
dwetzel> received tkined list email :) and i still follow snmpv3
dwetzel> advancement, from my point of view it seems that the adoption
dwetzel> of snmpv3 is still far away. we at uunet are beginning to use
dwetzel> it for one product. i have the feeling that snmpv3 will do
dwetzel> as well as snmpv2. :) and that we are going to use snmpv1 for
dwetzel> a long time. i'm curious to see the opinion of people in
dwetzel> that list.

I am a bit more optimistic about SNMPv3. We have many independent
implementation. And we have the UCD SNMPv3 implementation - freely
available code is sometimes the key to deploy technology. But I agree,
it will take a long long time until there will be significant SNMPv3
deployment and SNMPv1 will stay with us for a long time. (But this
true for all successful technologies like e.g. IPv4 or even Fortran.)


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