Re: [tkined] Monitoring MIB variables

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 18:02:04 MET

>>>>> Sevilla Simarro, Enrique writes:

Sevilla> When I start to monitor a mib variable, the values are
Sevilla> shown in a "stripchart"

Sevilla> Is there a way to save this values in a file. This
Sevilla> file will be usefull to present the data in graphics.

You simply modify the Tcl code in the snmp_monitor.tcl script. If you
get a pretty cool and generic solution, send the diff to this list.

Sevilla> Another question. How can I define an expresion of mib
Sevilla> variables to query. For example, IF%Util for an X.25
Sevilla> interface?

Again, you modify the Tcl code. Look at the procedures that calculate
interface loads. Should be pretty straight forward to copy and modify
them as you need it.


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