[tkined] Cant get atTable

From: Johan Johansen (Johan.Johansen@cc.uit.no)
Date: Fri Jan 28 2000 - 10:01:25 MET

Recently I went from scotty-2.1.10 to scotty-99-08-12. It's working
very nice, exept for one minor detail. I can't get the atTable from
our routers any more.

If I do SNMP-Browser->mib-2->at->atTable on one of our routers, I get

imv-gw.Uit.No [] [Thu Jan 27 13:34:37 MET 2000]:
trailing subidentifier in the instance identifier

On the network, I can see this

GetNext atPhysAddress
GetReply atPhysAddress = Cisc145FE77C
GetNext atTable
GetReply atIfIndex = 1

and that's it.

I have no idea how to correct this, anyone else?

Johan Johansen

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