Re: [tkined] memory leaks with snmpd

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 13:09:40 MET

>>>>> Davide Minervini writes:

Davide> The only problem I found (maybe I am wrong) is that under
Davide> stress conditions it seems to have memory leaks.


Davide> Is there something more to do than doing 'unset
Davide> mibVals(mib_var)' inside the unsetMIB procedure to free all
Davide> the memory allocated with the command '$s instance $mib_var
Davide> mibVals(mib_var) $mibVals(mib_var)' in the setMIB one ???


Davide> If that's right and enough is there some known memory leaks
Davide> involved with the command 'snmp# instance label varName
Davide> [default]' so that unsetting the varName not all the memory
Davide> gets freed ????

A few weeks ago, someone posted a message concerning a memory leak
when applying DISPLAY HINTs. He also posted a description on how to
fix it.

There are no other _known_ memory leaks, but that does not mean there
are no memory leaks. Try to reduce the problem to a small test case
(just write a script which creates and destroys instances in a loop if
you think that the memory leak is related to this). Once you have a
small script that exposes the problem, send it to me and we will fix
the problem.


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