Re: [tkined] How can I store monitored variables to separate logfiles ?

From: Peter Polkinghorne (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:26:35 MET

> Hallo to all,
> i search some features in scotty but i can't find this.
> 1st.
> How can i store monitored variables in a separate logfile to use this
> log for creating graphical statistics ?
If you are prepared to write your own scripts (or even modify existing ones),
this is easy to do. Then use GNUPlot or MRTG to graph (or BLT).

> 2nd.
> It is possible to perform a action (eg. sending a mail) when a defined
> event was occured
This again can be done by scripting - this is one of the main ideas for TCL -
it is scripting language which makes extension easy.

> 3rd.
> I have some problems to get snmp-variable from a mib. Often i received a
> error message like "not accessible" what's happened with this message ?
Well the agent has refused to give it to you - wrong community? VACM
permissions? hard to tell without more detail.

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