[tkined] Agent with Scotty

From: Ameya Talwalkar (ameyat@valicert.com)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 20:14:31 MET


I am writing a very simple agent with scotty. Here is a piece of code which
I have for
the agent. It loads a .mib file Stats.mib which is a valid/good mib. (which
used to work
with an old version of the mib)



package require Tnm
Tnm::mib load Stats.mib
set s [Tnm::snmp responder]

# set the port to be 161 and accept all defaults like,
# -version SNMPv1 -read public -write private -timeout 5 -retries 3 -win
# dow 10 -delay 0 -tags {}

configure -port 161

# set global a Tcl variable to a date.

set startTime "Dec 18, 1999"

# create a mib instance and associate the variable with it.

$s instance startTime

vwait forever


But this script does not work for me. Whenever I make a SNMP get using
another scotty/Tcl script
or some tool like HP OpenView ... the request times out.

Can someone point out as to what I am doing wrong or some more things I need
to do for the agent
to work.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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