[tkined] Scotty example agent problem

From: Indranil Adak (adakin@hpsgns1.sgp.hp.com)
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 10:21:29 MET

hi all,

        I am new in using scotty. I have downloaded scotty 2.1.9 to be run with
tcl-8.0 and tk-8.0. I tried to run the example SNMP agent "snmpd" under
../lib/tnm2.1.9/agents. It is starting the agent with the following
information :

Can't open log file: user "snmp" doesn't exist
SNMP agent started using the following parameters:
  -address =
  -port = 1701
  -version = SNMPv2c
  -community = public
  -agent = interp0
  -timeout = 5
  -retries = 3
  -window = 10
  -delay = 0

(1) Where is the logfile supposed to be created ?
(2) HP Openview provides s "snmpget" command which is not working with this
agent, but the same command is working with standard SNMP agent that comes
with the HP-UX OS. Is there any other way to test this agent ? Are there
other scotty commands (or, example code) available to test this snmp agent ?
(3) Pls check the error message -- it says "Cannot open logfile - user
"snmp" does not exist. " Is this user name configurable anywhere ? Or, is it
hard-coded in the scotty code ?

Your co-operation would be appreciated

With regards

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